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Infinite Communications
About Us
Our Mission:

To be the business partner of choice for all of our clients by providing the highest quality, focused on customer satisfaction, and integrity within our company. We value and respect our employees and understand the value of a well trained, safety oriented work force.

Who we are:

Infinite Communications Inc. was formed to provide a culture based upon dedication, quality, integrity and respect. We strive to be the business partner that goals are set by. We feel that our strong safety and customer service back grounds lead to an educated safe work place where all members of our team can succeed.


As a company built upon four main areas we strive to provide the upmost service to our clients.


All employees are sent through a rigorous training program to ensure that they are capable of handling any situation in the field. We strive to obtain the highest customer service ratings, quality craftsmanship, and meet all system requirements. The employees training does not stop after the initial program, all employees are required to go through up training on a monthly basis to keep current with industry standards.


We value all of our employees as they are an essential part of our company. We have dedicated ourselves to designing a company safety program that meets and exceeds industry standards. It all starts at the beginning and continues through employment of each individual with our company. Our goal is to make sure that every employee arrives home each and every night injury free. The dedication that our owner and managers put forth on this subject is second to none.

Customer Service-

We have an extensive customer service program that is upheld by all of our employees from the office to the field. The statement the "customer is always right" is our slogan. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that when leaving a customer's house they are satisfied with the installed product to the best of our ability. This is only capable if the company and every employee buys into it so it is a major part of our hiring and training process.


Providing the best possible service to our clients is a must, we have extensive tracking and monitoring programs built to ensure only the highest quality employees are servicing our customers. We set our goals to exceed the goals set forth by the MSO. Rewarding employees for a job well done leads to a team of field technicians that cannot be topped.